Moss stitch coat


This moss stitch baby coat is like a bear – soft and fluffy. It will hug your baby almost as sweet and soft as you! It is very comfortable to wear with room for layers underneath. So you can be sure your little one is in a good care. It is created to wear in colder weather, but if you live in country like me where we have only cold and warmer seasons than it is perfect for spring or even “Lithuanian” summer (hint – it’s not a very hot one).

Hand knitted in Alpaca and wool. It is a very lovely, chunky and luxurious yarn. A very soft and durable with an exciting, rustic look and a vibrant, great structure. It has Oeko-Tex certificate. Small detail but it’s good to know that your baby wears only top quality ecological clothing.

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Beige, Brown, Grey


12-18 Month, 18-24 Month, 2-3 Years, 6-12 Month


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